The department of technical guarantee. The department implements the following work:

  • To provide of the being in the efficient situation of the existing technical equipments, the implementation of the preventive measures in all structures of the BSU.
  • To help preparing of the connected offers with purpose of the development with purchasing of new equipment in the area of information technologies and software;
  • To organize technical services if necessary, replace, repair of their technical parts or mutual work with relevant organizations in BSU;
  • The definition, analysis of technical equipment and its components and materials and centralized equipment to provide an assistance for BSU;
  • The implementation of the security of technical support of computer technology;
  • The implementation of the control in BSUoperated computer technique according to relevant rules forusing;
  • In the area of information technologies study of international experience and preparation of proposals in connection with its application;
  • To prepare reports related to done work of the department.